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About Us

Trost Jacking and Heavy Moving, Inc. has been is business since 1992. Prior to Matt Trost starting his own company, Matt worked for his father Ron Trost. "R Trost" was a well respected company that set the standard for house and heavy movers in California.

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Our Services

Get an idea of exactly what Trost Jacking and Heavy Moving can provide for you. From house moving and raising to large vessel moving, launching and heavy equipment moves. Trost can handle your project from beginning to end.

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Moving F.A.Q's

Q: What is required to move a house? A: It helps if you have the property secured prior to the move. You need to have been in communication with the City and/or County with which you intend to move the house. You need to be aware or in process of obtaining the proper permits. You need to check out the path of travel of the house...

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