Services F.A.Q.


Q: What is required to move a house?
A: It helps if you have the property secured prior to the move. You need to have been in communication with the City and/or County with which you intend to move the house.  You  need to be aware or in process of obtaining the proper permits.  You need to check out the path of travel of the house.  Some obstacles you might run into are: utility lines, trees, train tracks, overpasses, fences, bridges and anything that would hinder the house on the move.  If moving on city or county roads you may be required to have police escort.

Q: How do you move a house?
A: Depending on the house, for example: a slab floor house, holes need to be made above the mud seal to accommodate steel beams. That requires some interior demo of cabinetry or anything that would be affected in that area.

Q: What is lead time for different types of procedures.
A: House moves generally depend on the permit process.  Home owners are usually required to have a building permit from the city or county.  We are responsible for the moving permit which each city or county has their own process and can take anywhere from 30 days to 3 months.

Q: What types of permits are required to move a house?
Typically a building permit from the city or county. There needs to be a 10 day notification to Bay Area Air Quality Management District (or similar agency depending upon location). In order for there to be a 10 day notification there has to be an asbestos survey done. Encroachment or transportation permit.

Q: How do I get estimate?
Call office with necessary information, ie; dimensions of building, single story/ double story, crawl space, fireplace/chimney, if it’s a raise how high it needs to go, if it’s a move does it move onsite and if so how far, if down the road we need new location and route.  Once we have needed information we can set up an appointment for Matt to come and take a look.  Estimate to follow via email, fax, etc.

california_thayer2Q: How long can structure stay on equipment?
30 days at no charge.  For everyday after that it is $20 per calendar day. (we strongly urge you to have foundation ready before house is moved.

Q: How is foundation poured to accommodate house mover’s equipment?
A: The foundation needs to be blocked out in the areas where steel beams are.  There needs to be enough space given for the steel to fit.  Once the house is lowered the steel needs to roll out.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: It depends on what type of procedure, size of structure, location, height, and difficulty.