Project Process


Call the office with description of project.
Try to give us as much detail as you can so that we know what to expect when we arrive.

Jobsite visit.
Matt will come to jobsite, and survey your potential project so that we can produce an estimate for you.

We put an estimate together for you.
The estimate will then be send to you for approval.

Proposal accepted.
Upon acceptance of our estimate, we move on to the next step.

Two to three weeks notice for scheduling.
This gives us the time we need to put all of our resources into place.

boat_launch-1Proper permits.
Permits are a vital portion of any project. All of the correct paperwork should be attained by you.

Asbestos survey and removal.
As with the permits, this is the client’s responsibility, if necessary.

Foundation Preparation.
Have foundation in place and adequate spaces cut for steel beams.

Area marked for placement of structure.

Removal of any obstructions.
It is essential for the work area to be clear of any obstacles for equipment placement or removal.