Project Planning


Before you plan your move project, here are some items that you will need to consider.

Think about hiring a general contractor.
It is not always necessary to hire a general contractor.  It is suggested though because we only do the raise, move or shore.

Obtain Permits.
You need to know what the city or county is going to require for permits because everything that we do is typically covered by those permits and Trost Jacking & Heavy Moving, Inc. does not obtain those permits that is the responsibility of the property owner.

Approved Contract.
Proposal/contract needs to be approved, signed and returned to TJ&H, Inc.

Asbestos abatement.
You need to have an asbestos survey done prior to us beginning.

Jobsite clearance.
You need to have proper clearance around building to accommodate our equipment, ie; trees, shrubs and fences.

fort_ord1Vehicle Parking.
You may need to provide parking of our equipment and other vehichles.

Space needs.
You need to provide adequate space in foundation to accommodate our equipment.

Utilities disconnect.
Customer must have all utilities (water, gas, electric, sewer) disconnected prior to raise or move.

If it is a stucco house, the stucco will need to be cut prior to raise or move.

Equipment costs.
Rent is charged on equipment after 30 days at $20 per calendar day.