Our Company

Trost Jacking and Heavy Moving, Inc. has been is business since 1992.

Through years of experience in construction, heavy equipment, building and home moving, Trost has a unique understanding of a wide range of heavy moving projects.

Jacking and heavy moving is what Matt Trost grew up doing. But the Trost family business has diversified to become experts in the fields of Heavy Equipment and Building moving, Marine Development and General Engineering.

Prior to Matt Trost starting his own company, Matt worked for his father Ron Trost. “R Trost” was a well respected company that set the standard for house and heavy movers in California. Trost Jacking and Heavy Moving, Inc. has worked for homeowners, commercial, general contractors, city governments and heavy industry.

We are enrolled in a safety, background, drug and alcohol and driver safety screening program.

All structures are raised using a unified jacking system. This insures that all structures are raised uniformly as close to level as possible preventing unecesary stress and damage to structure.

Trost Jacking & Heavy Moving, Inc. complies with local and state moving regulations, laws and environmental issues, fragile historical structures, residential homes, large structure buildings, steam locomotives, sea going vessels or heavy equipment.

Trost has consulted as an expert on numerous projects as well as personally tackling moving components ranging from 100 ton magnets for Lawrence Livermore Labs, to 3000 ton bridge sections over the Russian River in Healdsburg for Caltrans.

jesan2With an interest in a dynamic range of unusual and challenging projects, Trost Jacking and Heavy Moving has been proven to provide common-sense solutions to complex problems.

Trost has constructed specialized pieces of equipment to accommodate the unique aspects of some of the more challenging projects that have been successfully completed by the company.

Trost Jacking and Heavy Moving enjoys a wide client base including general contractors, government agencies, home owners, corporations, non-profits and special interest groups.

In and ever-changing business environment, the need for a company that can adapt to new construction techniques, building codes, and safe workplace requirements, Trost Jacking and Heavy Moving, Inc, has been able to finish any job put in front of them with a perfect OSHA record.

New markets for Trost are appearing all the time. Demand for earthquake retrofit work and the preservation of historic structures has been a driving force for work in the past. Trost Jacking and Heavy Moving, Inc. looks forward to more work related to public works projects.

Bidding work on dam projects, FEMA projects, and city infrastructure improvements will help to keep our company around for many years to come.