Moving Services


House/Building/Machinery/Plant Moves:
There are numerous reasons why people move their homes; from aesthetic to affordability, house moving has been done by our family since the 1940’s. Many historic buildings are rescued from demolition by Trost. Buildings that seem too heavy or too big are no problem for us. Many of our customers say that if you tell Trost “it can’t be done” they will find a way to move it.

House Raise:
From one to three stories, many jacking procedures can be accomplished in one or two days. The need for new foundations, seismic upgrades or the affordability of taking what is existing, saving it and starting new building underneath it makes an efficient solution essential. Working on houses up in the air can also be a bit precarious. Trost incorporates many construction techniques to insure stability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

oakland_hillsShoring/Tight Access Shoring:
The ability to hold and place everything while work takes place has been an ongoing problem with regard to clients desiring more access to living/working space and the constraints of confined workspaces. Trost has shored roofs, walls and floors with varying loads and materials. Our broad range of equipment will efficiently shore your job at a reasonable price.

Leveling work is a big part of remodeling of old houses. Trost’s ability to accurately monitor house jacking to within (+/-) 1/4 of an inch will allow a settled house to feel like a new one.

Large Vessel Moves/Launches:
Whether in a big ship yard or a boat builders dream in his back yard. Trost has moved boats of all different shapes and sizes. Different types of boats bring new and complex problems; from fixing 400 ton barges that have broken in half because of too much load, to historic irreplaceable turn-of-the-century vessels that have been re-launched by Trost after full restoration, to launching service boats such as new fishing boats weighing as much as 150 tons, Trost has done it all.

Heavy Equipment Move Onsite:
Typically an industrial application involving tanks, machinery or construction equipment which can be positioned exactly where the client needs them to be. Trost has moved almost anything you can think of from cargo cranes and trains to aircraft and gigantic, 1100 ton diesel engines.